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I am Stasia D'Onofrio and along with my mother, Deborah Davidson, we are the proud owners of Arkansas' Big Hearts. People who have been owned by a Berner know what a special companion they are and what a tight bond you form with your dog. It's why people are obsessed with the breed. We started breeding in 2015 when we acquired Savvy, our first Bernese Mountain Dog. She started it all and was the beginning of a life long dream to own and be owned by these beautiful dogs.



Our first and forever love remains with the Bernese Mountain dog but we wanted to crossbred with the poodle for numerous reasons. We wanted to produce puppies that grow up to be healthier than both of their parent breeds while also increasing their lifespans. We also strive to produce pups as perfect companions for families of all kinds. The Bernedoodle combines the intelligence and low shedding of the poodle with the laid-back, loyal nature of the Bernese Mountain dog. we work carefully to match pups with their new families based on temperament and aptitude. 


We are more than happy to share our passion for this special breed, with all who are interested.  Our site provides information on our Bernese Mountain Dogs and Bernedoodles specifically, as well as general information on the breed overall.  Our goal is that every puppy born here is placed with a responsible, loving family. We want to help prospective families to learn if this breed is right for them, and if so, help them connect with the perfect Bernedoodle for their family. 

Litters are bred occasionally and raised with great experience as part of our family.  Every litter is a labor of love…from determining that our girls meet criteria for health, conformation and temperament, to searching the country for the right sire, to raising the pups in a family environment.  Our goal is to produce healthy, beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs and Bernedoodles of sound temperament that will be cherished family pets. 



All puppies come with a written 2-year health guarantee and a commitment to lifetime breeder support. We use early neurological stimulation which helps pups to cope with stressful situations, problem solving and supports better physical health later in life. Puppies are raised in our home, properly socialized, raised around very young children and other animals. Breeding pups that are fun to live with and live long, healthy lives is of the utmost importance to us.

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