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Do Bernedoodles shed & are they hypoallergenic? 

It is a common perception that all breeds crossed with a poodle do not shed and are hypoallergenic. The truth is there is a scale: straight coat, wavy coat, curly coat. The curlier the coat the more hypoallergenic they are, the straighter the coat, the more shedding will occur and therefore the more saliva & dandruff will be in the air leading to allergic reactions. Be cautious of any breeder that guarantees a pup is hypoallergenic. Below we have included more information on how to choose the right bernedoodle for your personal needs.

​F1 Bernedoodle (Bernese Mountain Dog x Standard Poodle): The F1 Bernedoodle usually has a straight to wavy coat and tends to shed very little. Occasionally you will get a curly coat or two in the litter.

​F1B Bernedoodle (F1 Bernedoodle x Standard Poodle): The F1B Bernedoodle tends to have a wavy to curly coat and are the least likely to shed out of the two, We recommend F1Bs to those with mild pet allergies.

Each puppy comes with their own unique personalty, which is why we adore them so much. They are playful, loyal, kind-hearted family companions to adults and children of all sizes. They will be your best friend ready to accompany you on our next big adventure or simply relax next to you on your couch. Bernedoodles like to meet new people but stay near their owners.  A very intelligent, highly trainable, friendly breed you will often see them used as therapy or service dogs. Since they are so well rounded, they are happy to play or stay inside contently based on their masters desires.

How big will a bernedoodle get? 
We breed standard size Bernedoodles and in general the hybrid dogs (The child of two purebreds) generally grow to be 10-15lbs smaller than their parents. In general, we expect our puppy’s to grow to be anywhere from 60-90lb and around 20-27 inches at the shoulder.

What is the wait list process?

We are a family breeder, and raise all dogs and puppies in an environment without kennels or cages.  We produce a limited quantity of puppies each year and employ a waitlist for those who desire a Bernedoodle from us. ​We strive to produce healthy, happy puppies with wonderful temperaments with color being an adorable bonus. We cannot guarantee colors in any litter. Tri-color pups are the most sought after color but  if you are open to gender or color, your wait may be significantly less.

We have situations where a family on our deposit list may forgo on a pup in a litter because they have their hearts set on a certain look. We breed for health and temperament over specific appearance - although we can typically ensure an adorable outcome! In these scenarios, a pup may be available much sooner and will be advertised on our website and Instagram page. For updates, please follow our page and you will be informed if we have a puppy that is immediately available.  ​

​​We have a master waitlist for each type of litter produced.  To secure your place on a list, you will need to fill out a puppy application and remit a deposit.  If you have questions or concerns, do not feel you need to fill out the puppy application to approach us.  We are happy to be a resource and answer any lingering questions. Once we have received your application and deposit, we will assign you a number.  For the privacy of our clients, these lists are unpublished and managed internally. 

What if you are interested but not ready to commit? 
We totally understand timing and want to make sure you are ready to love and take care of a new family addition! We are happy to put you on our email list and announce new litters through email when they arrive!

Have more questions? Submit them to the breeder at and we will get your questions answered and added to the FAQ’s list!

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