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Mellie Nash, Tennessee

I got Niecy two years ago and she is by far the best dog I have ever had. She is the smartest, most affectionate dog and is loved by everyone she meets. I cannot thank Arkansas Big Hearts breeders enough for connecting me with my "fur baby". I would recommend them to anyone looking for a Bernedoodle!


Sharon Cherepski, Arkansas

We lucked into finding Stasia when hunting for our Bernedoodle.  This was the first time we decided we wanted this type of breed, so obviously we were nervous and had tons of questions.  Stasia and her family were very welcoming, informative, and allowed us to take our time viewing the puppies and deciding on our perfect match.  We planned on surprising our kids, so she graciously let us come back to her home and meet the puppies all over again.  She took the time to introduce us to the puppies' mom and showed us pictures of Marty's dad.  She made the whole process stress-free and comforting, even offering to let him stay with them weeks later because we were heading on a family vacation and sending us pictures of Marty with her son/family.


Kiara Danielson, Arkansas

Ozzie is the best dog ever! He is so laid back and calm. He is 3 months and already so smart. He loves to play fetch and is very food motivated. Ozzie had caught on to potty training very fast and is such a good dog. he goes with me everywhere and is such a good listener. I love watching him grow up and seeing his personality develop! I can't say it enough... he is all around just the best dog and I totally recommend!!!!!


Emma Mitchell, Biscuit & Gravy

Adopting puppies through Deborah and Stasia was an easy and enjoyable experience. We were in the process of buying our home and asked Deborah if she would be willing to hold onto our sweet babies for another month. During that month, our Biscuit & Gravy were well loved and taken care of. Since bringing them  home with us, they have brought more fun and joy into our lives than we could have imagined. They are smart, loving, and big cuddly teddy bears! If anyone wants a Bernedoodle, we will definitely recommend this family!


Debbie Van driessche, Washington

Luna is the most kind-hearted loving girl. From day one she had a great temperament and such a sweet personality. I couln't ask for a better dog. We are blessed to have been able to get a puppy from Deborah. It's obvious they really love and care for their puppies.


Erin Sheckler, Shelby

Thank you Deborah! We love our puppy Shelby! She has the best temperament I could have asked for in a puppy. She is sweet, goofy, and extremely trainable. We get so many compliments on her cuteness everywhere we go and I tell everyone what a wonderful experiences we had with you. 


Ginny Moore, Georgia

We adore our Bowie and so appreciate Y'all and everything you did to take care of us. Best experience ever! Love your hearts, care and the amazing love you pour into the beautiful pups!!!


Ashley Garrod, Colorado

We got a puppy from Stasia 3 years ago and absolutely love him. I flew from Colorado to pick him up and she met me at the airport. Breck is the best dog i have ever owned and I have had a few berners. No health issues. We have kept in contact over the years and have had friends fly out for puppies of hers also. Can't recommend enough. 


Barbara & Yves, California

We LOVE our big babies! Saentis , Berner, is relaxed and a bit stubborn sometimes and Woolly, Bernedoodle, full of evergy and making us laugh every single day, still wanting to play constantly. We are so happy with both of them and so funny to see their differences in character. We will be always coming back to you!

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